If you’re selling your residential property, SLS Real Estate LLC is interested. Why wait to sell your property? We buy both single- and multi-family properties, and we’ll work to find the quickest closing date for the best possible benefits. We’ll even provide the closing costs and have our attorneys create the legal papers. In real estate, as in life, timing is everything. If now if not the best time for you to sell your house, we can lease your property until the time is more advantageous. Please provide the following information if you want us to contact you about quickly and easily selling your property.

First Name
Last Name
Property Address
Property City
Property State

Property Zip
How soon do you want to close?
We close as early possible.

Are you working with any Real Estate Broker?

Mortgage Outstanding if any

Selling Price
How do you come up with Selling Price?

Reason for Selling?

How long do you own this property?





We buy houses and apartments. We are only specializing residential properties.

We are not broker and we will create all legal documents with Attorneys. We provide closing cost to home owners.

If you have a property that you would like to wholesale to us, we require the following:
1. Comps for the after repair value
2. Rehab list with price of repairs.
3. Selling Price
5. Potential rent if house is a rental.
6. Recent pictures, both internal and external.
7. Neighborhood information.
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